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Tec2Track, new remote monitoring tool helps to follow-up daily operations and use the data to develop the operations further.

Information and data help to drive efficiency and improve life time operations. Food retailers need to report and monitor food hygiene, such as temperature levels, but also to ensure operations run smoothly without risks that can cause big losses.

Tec2Track is independent of controller suppliers

Tec2Track is a new remote monitoring tool which is independent of controller suppliers. It communicates with any controller with Modbus communication, making it suitable for existing stores, retrofits or new stores.

The new remote monitoring tool is scalable from small convenience stores or petrol stations to large hypermarkets. It can be connected with any system. If not able to communicate with the controller in the unit, all it needs are Viessmann Monitro sensors inside the refrigerated cabinets or cold rooms and the gateway in the store. Sensors can be installed afterwards to any product or directly to Viessmann products at the factory.

Tec2Track enables food retailers and service providers to monitor either single store, or even single cabinet if needed, up to full network of stores. Depending on the customer expectations and user profile,

the tool is flexible to customize and adapt for future use, too. 

Connecting data points from food retail operations

Tec2Track gives a full overview of refrigeration systems and cabinets, but in addition it can be connected to monitor ventilation system, lighting, access control and other facility management operations. In other words, it covers everything from temperature and energy monitoring to HVAC and whole building management system monitoring.

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